Missouri death row inmate asking for stay of execution

Lester Mason
March 21, 2018

Four years ago, his execution was canceled at the last minute and now the 49-year-old once again asks the US Supreme Court to intervene and not allow to be executed for health reasons.

In the 2014 appeal, Bucklew's lawyers suggested that the state use nitrogen gas to execute him (the state of Oklahoma recently proposed it as an alternative to lethal injection). He has been convicted of the death of his ex-girlfriend in 1996. Bucklew has malformed blood vessels and tumors, and his supporters argue that execution via lethal injection would result in bleeding and suffocation, and amount to cruel and unusual punishment.

Russell Bucklew's life was already spared back in 2014 when the Supreme Court halted his execution moments before it was scheduled to take place due to concerns over his medical condition.

She believes the internal tumours have also grown and may rupture and bleed during the execution, potentially causing Bucklew "to choke and cough on his own blood during the lethal injection process".

Bucklew was outraged when his girlfriend Stephanie Ray divorced him in 1996. Hawley said in court filings that Bucklew slashed Ray's face with a knife, beat her and threatened to kill her. Two days later, Bucklew was apprehended and jailed. After raping her, he drove her to the St. Louis area as a hostage where a high-speed chase and shootout with a state trooper ensued. However, he managed to escape from prison and ran into Ray's mother's house, where he attacked her with a hammer before being finally arrested.

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