Ayesha Shroff's alleged ex-beau Sahil Khan opens up on CDR case

Angelo Anderson
March 22, 2018

As per reports, Siddiqui was allegedly blackmailing Khan. While the police is investigating the case, names of several Bollywood biggies have tumbled out of the secret closet of the entertainment industry.

CDR is a data record that contains information related to a telephone call such as the origination and destination addresses of the call, the time the call started and ended, the duration of the call and the time the call was made, among others. Coming to Ayesha Shroff, the former Bollywood actress had an affair with Sahil Khan and after a fight, Shroff procured the call details of Khan and handed them over to Siddiqui.

Before this, Nawazuddin Siddiqui was summoned in the case. He also added, "Probe found that Ayesha Shroff (wife of Jackie Shroff) procured CDR of Sahil Khan and shared it with Rizwan, this was revealed in an analysis of Rizwan's mobile".

He said that she had apparently sourced a CDR from an unidentified person and had given it to Siddiqui.

"Investigation has revealed that Kangana Ranaut had shared Hrithik Roshan's mobile number with the accused Rizwan Siddiqui in 2016, a reason for that is not known yet, the probe is on", Trimukhe claimed.

The court, however, clarified that its observations and order did not pass any judgement on Rizwan Siddiqui's role in the CDR case, and that the police was free to act against him as long as the same was done in accordance with the law.

His wife had alleged the police had kept him in wrongful and illegal custody.

Meanwhile, lawyer Rizwan Siddiqui has been released by the Bombay High Court, according to the entertainment portal. Both Kangana and Ayesha have reportedly been summoned by Thane Police.

Notably, 11 detectives were arrested by the Thane Police when the CDR case unearthed in December past year for illegally obtaining the call records for their clients.

The probe in the case is part of a bigger CDR scandal which was unearthed in January when the Crime Branch had arrested four detectives for illegally obtaining over 100 confidential call details.

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