Keep Facebook From Spying On You With Firefox's New Extension

Mindy Sparks
March 29, 2018

Mozilla has clearly been paying a great deal of attention to the blowback, as the team introduced a new add-on for Firefox called Facebook Container on Tuesday. What data does Mozilla receive from this extension?

Mozilla has unveiled an add-on, named Facebook Container, that aims to make it harder for Mark Zuckerberg's firm to track your movements outside of the social network.

When the extension is installed, it will automatically delete the user's Facebook cookies and log them out of the social network.

When you log on to Facebook again, you will see it's been opened in a blue-coloured "container" tab.

Last week, Mozilla announced that it was suspending all of its Facebook advertising - citing concerns that the social network's current default privacy settings are not protecting users well enough. Going forward, any non-Facebook link you click will load outside the container, and if you try to share something on Facebook from another tab, it will load inside the container.

In an interview with the Register, he added that "The type of data in the recent Cambridge Analytica incident would not have been prevented by Facebook Container...but troves of data are being collected on your behavior on the internet, and so giving users a choice to limit what they share in a way that is under their control is important".

In simple language, you can continue to use Facebook normally.

The embedded Facebook comments and Like buttons on other sites also won't work.

This should, for example, stop you seeing adverts in your News Feed for something you recently searched for online.

"Facebook container isolates your Facebook identity from the rest of your web activity".

With the recent leaks regarding data being compromised from Facebook's servers, it's only obvious that you'd be anxious about your personal data. You should know that using these buttons passes information to Facebook about the website that you shared from. Facebook can continue to deliver their service to you and send you advertising.

While Mozilla admits that the new feature wouldn't have stopped the Cambridge Analytica scandal, it represents a growing trend for tools that help manage online privacy and security.

The Firefox extension is free to install for Firefox users, and was developed by Mozilla themselves in order to address Facebook spying.

"This news caused us to take a closer look at Facebook's current default privacy settings given that we support the platform with our advertising dollars".

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