Facebook brings 360 degree photos and HD video support to Messenger

Doris Richards
April 3, 2018

The social networking giant first launched 360 Photos through its main app back in 2016, allowing viewers to control the view by tilting, swiping, or clicking the screen that they're using.

Messenger is also adding the ability to send 360-degree photos.

In related news, Facebook said that users will also now be able to share HD videos through the Messenger app too, something that was already possible through the main Facebook app. The recipients will know they're no ordinary media by the compass icon that appears next to panoramic photos and the HD and SD marker that shows up next to high-quality videos.

"Many smartphones capture videos with HD resolution, and now people on Messenger can send and receive HD quality, 720p videos straight from their camera roll", Kelly and Green wrote. This new feature comes after Facebook added support for 4K-resolution photos in Messenger last fall.

To try out these new features, just be sure to update your Messenger app to the latest version.

Support for 360-degree images is available worldwide, AndroidCentral reports, while HD videos are now rolling out in 18 regions: the U.S., UK, Canada, Australia, Belgium, France, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Romania, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Sweden, and Switzerland. Facebook itself has supported 360-degree photos (and videos) for some time now, so I'm kind of surprised this feature wasn't previously available.

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