Even genuine replacement Apple displays can mess with iPhones

Mindy Sparks
April 14, 2018

Unlike the touch issue manifesting after a fix, the light sensor problem is affecting devices running versions of iOS as far back as iOS 11.1.

When Apple replaces a Touch ID or Face ID sensor, it uses a machine dubbed Horizon, which tells the phone all its parts belong with one another.

Apple's stance towards third-party screen repairs seemed to relax past year when the company said they wouldn't void an iPhone's warranty so long as they don't damage any other components.

From the look of things, this was a long time coming, dating all the way back to the iPhone 5s.

Instead, it is more viable for fix stores to revert to the grey market, where they can obtain unlicensed pieces, which are often made in the same factories. "I've been waiting for this for five years to be honest, since the 5S", one repairer said. They expressed concern that Apple is using the ambient light sensor "as a test-case to see how it works, to see if they can link hardware with logic boards so if they were repaired outside of the Apple network it loses functionality". It also confirmed that the issue turns up even when swapping the displays of two new iPhones and that it affects devices on iOS 11.1, iOS 11.2, and iOS 11.3. "It's a scary looking future for me", a repairer told Engadget. As the story goes, devices equipped with aftermarket displays that are updated to iOS 11.3 essentially get bricked. While they're typically just $29 after paying for an AppleCare+ warranty, out-of-warranty costs range from $129 for an iPhone SE to $279 for an iPhone X. The third-party shop contacted by AppleInsider charges as little as $59. One source, on discovering the behavior, was shaken. I'm anxious that customers are going to come back to me and demand that I fix it.

According to Motherboard, damaged iPhone 8s, which were repaired in a third-party store, failed to respond to touch controls following the installation of the new update.

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