Google appears to be testing iPhone X-like gestures

Mindy Sparks
April 14, 2018

A large number of Android manufacturers (OEMs) are skipping security patches but are lying to users about it, according to the team at Security Research Lab (SRL), a Berlin-based cyber-security firm. The post was about a security patch in which the company has demonstrated the updated DNS settings via a screenshot.

"The lessons is that if you go for a cheaper device, you end up in a less well-maintained part to this ecosystem", Nohl said.

However, as SRL founder Karsten Noh told Wired, "Sometimes these guys just change the date without installing any patches".

Especially as we move to phones with screens that take up more and more of a handset's face, the idea of "buttons" for navigation - even virtual ones that slide away when we're not using them - is feeling increasingly like a holdover from a previous era. Some phone vendors did better than others. Vendors whose devices had one to three missing patches include Nokia, Chinese giant Xiomi and fan-favorite OnePlus.

While the major manufacturers might be missing a patch here and there, the worst offenders seem to be the likes of ZTE and TCL are missing, who on average, have missed least four patches they claimed to have released.

In addition to the alphabetical naming convention, Android has always been named after desserts or confectionary. The researchers discovered manufacturers of low-end chipsets like Mediatek and Hisilicon missed more updates on average than powerhouses Qualcomm and Samsung.

Because these hardware-level fixes are accounted for in the Android security bulletins, this created situations where OEMs delivered updates claiming to have a "security patch level" but they were actually missing some of the patches for that "level".

There is also the possibility that instead of patching through updates, phone makers simply remove or alter the feature that might have caused the security vulnerability. Google said it was working with SRL Labs to investigate the results of its report. A user can follow the steps given below to check if their device is running on the latest Android security patch or not.

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