Samsung faces $3 billion biometric patent infringement suit in the US

Doris Richards
April 14, 2018

Samsung is one of the most innovative technology companies in the world right now.

The South Korean company held 119,337 patents around the globe as of end-2017, with the US accounting for 46,150, followed by South Korea with 24,860 and Europe with 10,509.

According to PACid, two U.S. patents (Patent 9,577,994 and 9,876,771) and one South Korean patent (named KR20110128567A) have been infringed upon. US Patent No. 9,577,994 and No. 9,876,771, and South Korean patent KR20110128567A are the patents covered in the lawsuit, and they pertain to technologies involving biometric authentication.

United States data security company PACid Technologies is suing Samsung for patent infringement.

2. The Galaxy S9 comes with fast charging right out of the box
2. The Galaxy S9 comes with fast charging right out of the box

The exams are considered so important that South Korea streamlines public transport and deploys law enforcement agencies during the period. It adds that Samsung knew about PACid's patents since January 2017. Samsung could be asked to face $3 billion in damages if found "guilty" since models covered are from the Galaxy S6 up to the S8. The list of infringing devices includes all the variants of these devices. The practice is predominant in the tech industry, and recently tech analysts called BlackBerry as another patent troll when it filed lawsuit against Facebook and Snapchat. The suit was filed April 6th with the Texas Eastern District Court, and did not mention a specific damages amount sought by PACid Technologies, now known as the plaintiff.

Nevertheless, let's see how the Korean company will handle this particular lawsuit from PACid.

And to put it into perspective a bit, the company has also sued Google, Apple, and Nintendo for patent infringement before. If Samsung manages to deter this lawsuit then it will stop other patent trolls from copying the mechanism.

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