Sega Ages announced for the Nintendo Switch, Sonic, Phantasy Star and more

Mindy Sparks
April 14, 2018

This tentatively named "Mega Drive Mini" celebrates the 30 year legacy of the original Mega Drive, and will be releasing in 2018, also in its native Japan. SEGA is following in Nintendo's footsteps and entering the retro mini console business. Not being a Shenmue fan, my eyes are on the other game announcement: Sega Ages for Nintendo Switch. But as long as Sega is willing to license out its platform instead of making its own hardware, it seems unlikely to get better than this, the most declarative console war victory imaginable.

Sega Ages is a collection of Sega classic games that will be released for the Nintendo Switch this summer in Japan, the United States, and Europe. The model in the image above, with a cleaner version shared by Sega on Twitter which you can see below, don't resemble the AtGames variant. SEGA hopes to share more information "soon", including release date, price, and list of included games. According to Sega the games will come with Japanese and English voiceovers and an updated user interface.

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