Facebook Is Starting To Copy More Features From Instagram

Mindy Sparks
April 15, 2018

It's an interesting and fun feature to be fair to the firm, but Facebook Stories is still of dubious relevance at this stage.

Today in updates that no one asked for, Facebook is updating its Facebook Stories features in its app with two new features, Boomerang support and AR drawings. With the availability of the AR-based 3D drawing feature clear signifies that a major push is being given to the Stories and it is said to help increase the popularity of stories and drive user engagement.

The world's largest social network will now allow users to use the Boomerang feature popularized by Instagram Stories in their Facebook Stories, the company confirmed to TechCrunch on Thursday. The only brush available for 3D drawing at the moment is the pastel gradient brush, but Facebook is planning to add more brushes moving forward. Further, the reports from web suggest that the technology behind the AR feature can also sense corners and objects in space, and can also detect walls and tables. This enables the 3D drawing to stick to or even wrap around them and appear in three dimensions when users move around the camera. The chances of proper detection depend on the amount of information that the camera captures for an object, which in turn depends on the light available in the environment as pointed in the report.

Instagram had recently copied the Snapchat to add the signature Stories feature, now it is Facebook that has adopted the same. Facebook says Boomerang is now rolling out to all users. This is not the first time that Facebook is experimenting with AR.

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