Memo warning Apple employees about leaking gets leaked to the me

Doris Richards
April 15, 2018

Today, something similar happened to Apple.

In a leaked internal memo, the company had reportedly told employees it "caught 29 leakers" previous year and 12 were arrested. "12 of those were arrested", said the memo published on Bloomberg. Accordingly, the employees who leaked information lost everything when they were caught red-handed. One concerned a delay on some new iPhone software features and the other a software update that pointed to features on a new iPhone and Apple Watch. During the meeting, Federighi noted that some software features for the iPhone would be delayed, and someone leaked that information to the media.

The employee who leaked the meeting to a reporter later told Apple investigators that he did it because he thought he wouldn't be discovered. IPhone X specs were also recently leaked to the public, while in June 2012, an AT&T executive admitted to leaking private Apple information to investors. While the company blamed factory leaks for a "trench warfare non-stop" war to protect secrets in Asia, it said that 2016 "had been the first year that Apple [campuses] leaked more than the supply chain".

Apple has had 12 employees arrested over the course of past year for leaking internal information about future software plans, according to a memo leaked (ironically) today, spotted by Bloomberg. Global Security has worked hand-in-hand with suppliers to prevent theft of Apple's intellectual property as well as to identify individuals who try to exceed their access.

Ignoring the fact that Apple clearly has no idea how journalism actually works, you have to love the sheer amount of spittle-flecked invective directed at the very people that helped make Apple the success story it is. It's unclear if Apple canceled that color or not; phone leaker Benjamin Geskin boldly claimed last month that the blush gold iPhone was in production. When asked why he did it, he responded by saying that he didn't think he'd be caught.

Apple has maintained its privacy and always been a secretive company, but with its growth leaks have become harder to deal.

"Apple has also been quick to point out this will not affect people's ability to play downloaded music on any of the company's devices, and all tracks previously bought through iTunes, and users' current iTunes libraries, will still be fully playable". Consumers have a hunger for information for every piece of upcoming Apple product information, as evidenced by the plethora of Apple enthusiast blogs. Leaks have become more common under CEO Tim Cook, but this memo claims numerous supply chain leaks have been stopped. They also state that once a leaker is fired, Apple will try hard to make finding employment elsewhere almost impossible.

Apple seems to be notorious for its culture of secrecy and has reportedly made employees sign non-disclosure agreements specific to projects and even used black cloths to cover unreleased products.

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