WB governor extends greetings on Bengali new years eve

Doris Richards
April 15, 2018

"On this auspicious occasion, I convey my heartiest greetings to the people of West Bengal and Bengalis all over the country as also overseas and wish them a happy, prosperous and joyful new year, ?" The day is also known as Vaisakhi in central and north India, Vishu in Kerala and Puthandu in Tamil Nadu.

Celebrated with enthusiasm and fervour, the Bengali New Year, Pahela Baishakh is prominently observed in West Bengal, Tripura and Bangladesh.

Poila Baisakh or the Bengali new year is one of the most anticipated festivals by Bengalis all across the globe. The festival date is set according to the lunisolar Bengali calendar as the first day of its first month, Baisakh which usually falls on either April 14 or 15.

It is the day marked with new-ness and this song celebrates that. So, Emperor Akbar asked his royal astronomer Fatullah Shirazi to make a new calendar by combining the lunar Hijiri calendar along with the indigenous solar calendar, so that it can be determined that which is the best time to collect tax from the peasants and farmers. In some houses, mango leaves garlands are put up at the main entrance.

On the other hand, merchants and traders keep the ledger books or "Haal Khata" in front of the deity and conduct prayer for good fortune and wealth. People love to indulge in special food and prepare shukto, payesh, malpua and fishes like hilsa, bhetki and prawns. This day is celebrated by the Bengalis by seeking blessings from the elders, visiting friends and relatives over lunch, going to temples to seek blessing from the almighty for a blissful year ahead and by feasting over fish, mutton, rice and candies.

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