200 million eggs recalled due to potential salmonella contamination

Lloyd Doyle
April 16, 2018

According to the release, Salmonella Braenderup can cause "serious and sometimes fatal in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems". Twenty-two illnesses have been reported. The eggs were sold to stores and restaurants in nine states. "FDA investigators then inspected the farm and collected samples for testing".

Symptoms include fever, nausea, diarrhea and abdominal pain.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service, if not washed and sanitized properly, salmonella can latch onto the outside of the egg's shell because the egg exits the hen's body through the same passageway as feces is excreted.

More than 200 million eggs have been recalled because of potential salmonella contamination.

The eggs originated from Rose Acre's production farm in Hyde County, North Carolina.

The recall was voluntary on Rose Acre Farms' part.

Those who have purchased the eggs are urged to not use the product and return them to the place of purchase for a refund.

Multiple brand names sell the potentially contaminated eggs, including, Country Daybreak, Food Lion, Nelms, Crystal Farms, Coburn Farms, Sunshine Farms, Glenview and Great Value.

In that case, 22 hospitalizations have been reported, the Centers for Disease Control said in a notice posted on April 13. In rare situations, Salmonella Braenderup infections can cause the organism to enter the bloodstream and produce severe illnesses, such as arterial infections, endocarditis and arthritis.

"The eggs that are in the stores today are safe", she said by phone.

Consumers can tell if the eggs they have were affected by looking at the plant number and Julian date range on the side of the carton.

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