Barking and Dagenham awards most first choice primary school places in London

Lester Mason
April 16, 2018

There are still places available at schools across Kent.

Approximately nine out of every 10 pupils in Peterborough have received a place at their first choice primary school.

You will be sent a letter about your child's school place which will give you a guide on how to appeal the decision.

As a result, the fewest number of families ever will be allocated a school they did not name, with 390 children assigned a school by Kent County Council. Evans said they were told not to leave school grounds or they could face disciplinary actions.

According to a Press Association sample survey of 40 councils in England, 28 (70%) reported a rise in the proportion of families receiving their first choice of school; five (12.5%) said there had been a fall, and seven (17.5%) saw no change.

ECC have confirmed they have been able to offer over 88 per cent of pupils their parent's first preference of school. ‎This follows the successful introduction of the phonics screening check in 2012, as a result of which there are now 154,000 more six-year-olds on track to become fluent readers today than in 2012 and England's recent rise up the worldwide Pirls rankings helped put the success of the government's reforms on a global scale.

Call them up and see if they have spaces or shorter waiting lists than your desired school.

Students also raised money for Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School through the purchase of maroon shirts which they wore on the Wednesday of Positivity Week.

The school is scheduled to open for classes at the start of the 2018-19 academic year.

- Have a closer look at the school you've been allocated.

Keep calm and even if you're feeling devastated, don't let your child pick up on your worries and stress.

- Top of your list should be to accept the place you've been offered. You don't want to lose that place and end up with an offer to a much less desirable school.

I recently saw that April 2 was "bring your child to work day".

- If you feel you have no choice but to appeal, you must remember that you can only appeal to the schools to which you previously applied. There are jobs you may not know about in high school and many of them involve technology. Collect as much independent evidence as possible to support your case.

Thalheimer is beginning the same process he just completed at New Paris, this time for Benton Elementary School, after the board approved the retirement of Principal Dan Sharp.

You can submit extra information along with your appeal, such as documentation regarding special medical or social needs, costs of transport, bus timetables and so on. You may want to employ a solicitor or member of a schools appeals organisation to help.

Parents who wish to appeal for a place at a voluntary aided, foundation school or an academy should contact the school directly to confirm the appeal deadline date.

What happens at an appeal hearing?

Valdosta Board of Education Chair Liz Shumphard said board members are responsible for the decisions made in building the new VHS, and she said the students were on the forefront of the board's thoughts. "When they tell you to do something beyond class to showcase to other people and the world, then that causes one to think beyond the usual", he adds.

Children in Kent have found out where they are going to primary school.

What if you're offered no place at all?

A Lincoln primary school is in line for expansion as Lincolnshire County Council considers measures to provide sufficient school places in the city. You'll need to contact your local authority to find out where there may still be places, although these may be some distance away from your home.

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