John Oliver Bought Russell Crowe's Jockstrap for Alaska's Last Blockbuster Video

Angelo Anderson
April 16, 2018

Oliver told his audience that he had bought the jockstrap - as well as a vest Crowe wore in Les Miserables and a seat from American Gangster - to donate to the last Blockbuster outlet in Anchorage, Alaska.

It started weeks ago on Oliver's show, when he reported the unusual celebrity auction Crowe would be holding to sell a number of choice pieces of memorabilia, including the fated jockstrap. The internet speculated that the bidder was none other than Oliver himself, fueled by his earlier reference on the show lampooning the odd nature of the auction, and that item itself.

On Sunday night, "Last Week Tonight" host, 40, said he purchased Russell Crowe's groin protector from the film "Cinderella Man" for a stunning $7,000. "Even that sentence is absolutely incredible to say out loud". "I'm sorry it wasn't us, we didn't buy it..." before he immediately added: "We did, we absolutely did!"

In addition to the jockstrap from Cinderella Man, the show also bought a robe and shorts from the same film. Because streaming services are extra expensive in Alaska, Blockbuster still reigns there, and Oliver promised that if Alaska's remaining Blockbuster contacted the show, they'd be able to display Crowe's memorabilia there. "I really hope the Internet is good enough up there for you to see it in time, because if we don't hear from you in the next two days, I know a transportation museum in Scranton, Penn. that I'm sure could make room for another exhibit".

Oliver walked through the "long and infuriatingly proud history" of corporate tax avoidance, with a special nod to Apple and Google for being top "innovators in weaselly accounting", though GE and other huge companies paid zero federal taxes for much of this century. The store is scheduled to open at 10 a.m. Monday.

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