National Football League ban use of 10 helmet models after safety tests

Annette Crawford
April 16, 2018

About 200 players wore helmets last season that now would be in the prohibited category. Full phaseout is expected after 2018, per Jeff Miller, NFL Senior Vice President of Health and Safety Policy.

At last month's annual league meeting, owners approved a new safety rule that makes it a penalty for any player to lower his head and use his helmet to initiate contact with an opponent during a game.

"The prohibited helmets perform poorly in laboratory testing, have been discontinued by the manufacturer, or were produced by companies no longer manufacturing football helmets", the league and union said in a joint written statement.

"The objective of the continuation to rank helmets and the joint decision with the players' association to prohibit is to increase that movement into better performing helmets".

The NFL has been ranking helmets based on laboratory testing, for four years.

Six of the underperforming models will be banned for use by all players. The test this year involved 34 models.

"We already have players on 400 high schools across the country who have ordered the helmet, and we expect 50-plus colleges to have them", Marver added. They say they don't get headaches, don't have those 'seeing stars moments.' Like how the helmet fits so when they move their heads it tracks really well.

The NFL and the NFL Players Association has banned specific types of helmets for the first time in a bid to improve player safety.

"The goal of continuing to rank the helmets, and the objective of the joint decision to prohibit certain helmets this year, is to increase that continued movement into better-performing helmets".

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