Nikki Haley Roasts Russian Counterpart At Emergency UN Meeting

Lester Mason
April 16, 2018

"The United States of America will not allow Assad's regime to use chemical weapons", Haley stressed.

The sanctions are the latest effort by the United States to punish the Assad regime and its allies for a chemical weapons attack that killed dozens of civilians two weeks ago.

Much like USA statements, Britain's foreign secretary Boris Johnson said there are no plans to launch additional military strikes against Syria, but that his country and its allies will consider further action if Assad uses chemical weapons against his people in the future.

Haley was also asked by Fox News' Chris Wallace on what the Trump administration would do if Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad continued to use chemical weapons, noting that President Trump and Defense Secretary James Mattis gave seemingly contradictory statements on the matter.

She said President Trump "has made it very clear that, when it comes to weapons of mass destruction, we have no tolerance for it". We are determined to completely crush ISIS and create the conditions that will prevent its return.

"Instead we should be condemning the country that has unilaterally stopped the security council from upholding this principle", Haley said. "I knew they would seize on this but felt it is such a great Military term, it should be brought back". Further, Russian military police forces deployed to the region could not find anyone in Douma's hospitals suffering the effects of a chemical attack.

"Her country is ready, is 'locked and loaded, '" said Soliz. "All nations and all people will be harmed if we allow Assad to normalize the use of chemical weapons".

A year ago, the United States launched missiles on Syria in response to another chemical weapon attack, he noted.

United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley on Sunday conceded relations between the United States and Russian Federation are "very strained", but "we won't put up with bad behavior" in trying to achieve cooperation with Moscow.

"As a military spouse, I know that "mission accomplished" means you have one task now in front of you, and when it's completed, it is mission accomplished", Ms. Haley said.

"We all know our work in Syria is not done", she said. Three chemical weapons facilities in Syria were struck, although other chemical weapon facilities were left untouched.

"I'm sure this strike, which was a tactical and surgical success, has been a setback" for the Assad regime, Brennan said. "It is Russian Federation alone that killed the joint investigative mechanism which allowed the world to ensure accountability for chemical weapons use in Syria".

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