Teachers rally for funding at state capitol

Lester Mason
April 16, 2018

Monday's march was organized by the Colorado Education Association, the teachers' union.

The walkout began on April 2 after lawmakers failed to meet the bulk of those demands, though teachers were granted a pay raise of about $6,000 beforehand. Kentucky teachers, who protested at the state capitol building earlier this month, were incensed over pension troubles as well.

"When I was in school, you knew you weren't going to get rich", said Bob Mantooh, a physical education teacher at Kaiser Elementary School in Denver.

Speaking to the publication, Ragini Bajaj Chaudhary, India CEO, Gray Matters Capital said, "We see Chrysalis as one of the most innovative, mission-driven and student-centric educational enterprises in India, which has the potential of bringing about a tangible change in the way education is imparted in our schools".

"We teachers started this movement, so we will be the ones to end it", said Alberto Morejon, a Stillwater teacher who authors a walkout Facebook page with almost 80,000 members. "It needs to be viable and make people want to stay in teaching".

To call the teacher walkout an anti-Republican demonstration could ignore the fact that most teachers are registered Republicans.

Hundreds of teachers are expected to make their way to the state Capitol on Monday for a "Day of Action" to plead with legislators for more funding. Their union says the average Colorado teacher is paying about $650 per out of their own pockets on students' needs.

"I don't think my teachers feel like they won", said Chuck McCauley, who is only a second-year superintendent. I suspected they were going to say, 'We are done with the strike.' On Thursday, I went up to the OEA table around noon and asked if they were going to stop supporting the strike. "Roads need more money and we have an opportunity to do that", Grantham said. "I'm doing this so that the young teacher, that college student, who's thinking about becoming a teacher, isn't frightened away from this". "And also the role of the voters ... in the district - their ability to have input on what funding is in their district".

He added that the legislature is putting more money into education that it ever has before. Now every candidate in the 2018 NC state House and Senate races faces a challenger.

Monday afternoon the House Finance Committee will hear Senate Bill 200, legislation to bridge an estimated $32 billion or more shortfall for the state pension plan. "... We are here to listen". Every day is an adventure that I wouldn't want to give up.

Put plainly, public school employees in NC should be looking at the growing slew of red states in various stages of teacher revolt and notice what perhaps should have always been obvious: it's hard to fire teachers for standing up for our rights; there is no one to replace us. Despite repeated pleas for full funding, we continue to languish at 43rd in the nation for per pupil spending, but continuously cut taxes for the rich, cut government spending and refuse to spend available tax surpluses on programs that directly benefit children and families, namely public schools and healthcare. "Students in Colorado deserve better".

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