UK PM May: British forces conduct targeted strike against Syria

Annette Crawford
April 16, 2018

May has repeatedly said that the missile strike on Syria was not about "regime change".

The PM will say that United Nations Security Council-mandated inspectors have probed previous attacks and decided Bashar Assad's regime was responsible four times.

"We have sought to use every possible diplomatic channel to achieve this", the prime minister said.

U.S. President Donald Trump said he was prepared to sustain the response until the government of Assad stopped its use of chemical weapons. Russian Federation and Syria claim the attack was fabricated.

Britain's defense ministry said "very careful scientific analysis" had been applied to maximize the destruction of stockpiled chemicals while minimizing any risk of contamination to surrounding areas.

May said while the strike was targeted at Syria, it sent a message to anyone who used chemical weapons.

But she also drew a link with the nerve agent attack on Russian former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury.

"Let me be absolutely clear: we have acted because it is in our national interest to do so".

The Prime Minister will tell MPs on Monday that the strikes were in the national interest because the use of chemical weapons can not be normalised, including in the UK.

"This extraordinary u-turn is an admission that the Prime Minister made an error in failing to recall Parliament and is yet more evidence of how ill considered this military action is - and just how far Theresa May's actions have been dictated by presidential tweet".

"This debate is an opportunity to ensure that there is no future change in the role of British military in Syria without Parliament's approval".

A YouGov poll for The Times newspaper this week indicated that only a fifth of voters believed that Britain should launch attacks on Syrian military targets and more than two-fifths opposed action.

"Bombing can not substitute for diplomacy", he said.

"We are confident in our own assessment that the Syrian regime was highly likely responsible for this attack and that its persistent pattern of behaviour meant that it was highly likely to continue using chemical weapons", she will add.

He reiterated that Canada condemns the use of chemical weapons in Ghouta.

Friday night's attack on Syria was not the first time the US bombed the country.

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