IOS 11.4 iPad and iPhone public beta now available

Doris Richards
April 17, 2018

Considering the update literally just released, it may be a little while before the full information comes out. Were optimistic that well see the first signs of their response manifest itself in iOS 12. If it follows the pattern set by iOS 11, iOS 10, iOS 9 and others, iOS 12 will be announced in June and pushed out to the world at large in September.

The next firmware update after the iOS 11.3 is not expected to drop anytime soon, although Apple has already teased its possible features via the update's first public beta trial.

Amidst all the keen speculation over what Apple might produce with the iPhone XI, it can be easy to forget the annual refresh of iOS - but in its own way the mobile software that Apple makes is just as important as the hardware updates that the company puts out. This could allow parents to monitor screen time. Also unlike Google's Android, most iOS devices are eligible for the new update, which is rolled out in the fall of year. The feature was removed in the public iOS 11.3 beta after making an appearance in the developer iteration.

This is the most talked feature on the iOS devices. One can only assume that there were issues with the utility that needed to be fixed before Apple could roll it out to the general public.

With Messages in iCloud, users can see all of the conversations synced between iOS devices and their Mac using iCloud.

Of course, the most awaited update from Apple is iOS given the sheer number of users on the product. Moreover, the ability for users to activate and update their iPhones without a tethered PC didn't come around until iOS 5. The original AirPlay provided a great utility that allowed users to broadcast content from their phone to devices like an Apple TV. As with the messages on iCloud feature, it was set to be included with iOS 11.3 only to receive the chop near the end of the beta testing. It's clear that there are some issues that are not yet resolved, and considering Apple's renewed commitment to quality over quantity, there's certainly a possibility that these features may be pulled yet again.

Here we'll give you a complete rundown of everything rumoured (and confirmed) to be coming with iOS 12: the new features you'll be able to use, when the update is likely to arrive, and more. First is the removal of the stereo pairing option for HomePod that we saw in beta 1. Many speculate that we'll see a further implementation or refinement of ClassKit APIs.

Apple could redesign its Stock App and the Do Not Disturb feature. This is how they will be able to explore the apps and make use of them quickly. By integrating their online ecosystem seamlessly with devices like the affordable Chromebook, Google has managed to solidify themselves as one of the go-to devices for education. According to reports, the big focus for Apple with iOS 12 is reliability and performance - all well and good but not exactly the sort of features you get you mashing the software update button in a frenzy.

Taking features that OLED displays offer to its logical conclusion, an always-on screen would not only provide parity with its Android counterparts but provide something genuinely useful that the iPhone has always lacked.

As far as the release date of iOS 11.4 beta 2, we should expect a new build around April 17th if past release schedules are any indication.

Looking ahead to iOS 12, rumor has it that there won't be a bevy of major features to look forward to.

Given the above, we could leave the article here, but for fun lets chew the cud on some additional ‘tent pole features. The iOS 12 might as well be the first operating system to feature any such feature. The final release of iOS 11.4 should be within the next month or two, bringing the functionality we're seeing with iOS 11.4 beta 2 and subsequent betas to the entirety of the iPhone and iPad userbase.

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