It's Tax Day. Are you Prepared?

Lester Mason
April 17, 2018

If you owe money and cannot pay immediately, you can ask the IRS for installment agreements when you file your taxes. "Neither are good options", Agel said.

The online payment system for the Internal Revenue Service's website is partially down, preventing last-minute filers from paying their taxes.

But if you do owe the IRS money, it will accept a check. Not sure where to mail your federal tax return?

Math errors and other mistakes are common on paper returns, especially those prepared or filed in haste at the last minute.

If you still need more time, you can file an extension, but there's a catch you need to know about.

Schlotsky's. Schlotzsky's Tax Day just got that much more appetizing because Schlotzsky's is offering a free small original sandwich with the purchase of chips and a medium drink. Further, no legitimate U.S. Treasury or IRS official will demand that payments be made into another person's account via Western Union, MoneyGram, bank wire transfers or bank deposits for any debt to the IRS or U.S. Treasury.

"It's not too late get your taxes in, get them filed if you can, if not an extension is not a red flag, it's not an error, it's not an issue, take advantage of the extension and get your tax returns filed."
Here's wishing you big refunds and speedy e-filing (or a speedy trip to the Post Office). More than 79.1 million refunds have been issued, averaging $2,864, or $13 more than past year. And if you can't get your paperwork together to file by April 17, file for an automatic extension.

Sharpe continued, "If they file an extension it does eliminate some penalties but not everything".

Tax agencies will not pay postage due, so any that aren't paid in full must be returned for additional postage; meaning you'll, more-than-likely, miss the deadline.

If you don't pay your tax bill by April 17, you'll face a penalty of 0.5 percent of the balance due for each month your taxes go unpaid, up to a maximum of 25 percent. In that case, the deadline will be extended until June 15, according to Kurlowicz. Last year, 5 million taxpayers filed returns on the deadline day. They upload it to a secure server I have.

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