Google launches updated DIY kits for AI Voice and Vision

Mindy Sparks
April 18, 2018

The Google AIY Vision and Voice kits, priced at $90 and $50, respectively, are now available through Target's online and retail stores.

Now, the search giant has released updated versions of its Voice Kit and Vision Kit that are not only easy to assemble but also more widely available.

Google has released two new AIY kits that allow even complete novices to get hands-on with artificial intelligence.

All you'll needed was the Raspberry Pi 3, along with the hardware kit and directions supplied inside the special edition of the magazine.

The kits will include a new Raspberry Pi Zero WH, as well as a pre-provisioned SD card, and all the connectors and boards required to build the kits.

According to the search giant, since the launch of the kits, it has witnessed robust demand, mainly from the STEM audience "where parents and teachers alike have found the products to be great tools for the classroom".

The AIY projects are simple Raspberry Pi powered projects that are powered by Google's AI, with a Google Assistant like smart speaker in the Voice kit, and a more advanced version that uses image recognition in their Vision AI kit. And on the software side of things, it introduced a companion app for Android to simplify wireless setup and configuration.

Google also announced that the AIY website has been revamped with updated documentation and easy-to-read instructions for the young do-it-yourself enthusiasts. Other improvements as part of this education-focussed initiative include improved documentation and a collection of neural networks created to work with AIY kits.

The kits are available for purchase at Target for now, but Google says it's working with other retailers to get them to customers around the world.

With the Voice kit, introduced a year ago, anyone can build a smart speaker you can talk to, powered by Google Assistant, similar to a Google Home mini. Like the preceding VR viewers, the Voice device will be made from cardboard. Vision contains (among other essentials) a Raspberry Pi, SD card and camera, while Voice contains the Pi and SD card, plus a speaker and microphone array. Users are already able to download pre-trained models for the AIY Vision Kit from the Google AIY Projects site.

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