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Doris Richards
April 18, 2018

In particular, three links to news items covering his four-year prison sentence for conspiracy to account falsely should not be "de-listed" because, in part, they serve as public protection.

But his conviction "more than ten years ago" was for the lesser crime of conspiracy to carry out surveillance, for which "there is no evidence of any risk of repetition". The enormity of Google's task in dealing with such requests was seen quickly after the initial ruling, and the company says it has received requests to remove "at least 2.4m links from search results" - this represents a slight slowing down from initial reports of "about 10,000 requests for removal each day" - presumably due to the initial backlog from before 2014.

Two businessmen each with different verdicts about their 'right to be forgotten' on Google have walked away from the High Court. He spent six months in jail.

The judge however granted NT1 the right to appeal his decision, stating: "It is quite likely that there will be more claims of this kind, and the fact that NT2 has succeeded is likely to reinforce that". This included search results linking to newspaper articles of their respective cases.

Mr Justice Warby ruled out any damages payment, but the victory for NT2 is expected to have implications for other convicted criminals, and those who want embarrassing stories about them erased from the web.

In case of NT1, however, the judge said, "He has not accepted his guilt, has misled the public and this court, and shows no remorse over any of these matters".

The new AIY Voice Kit and Vision Kit will arrive at Target Stores and this month in the U.S. and will be available globally through retailers worldwide later in the year, Google said.

The judge ruling in favour of NT said that the claimant had shown remorse for his actions in the past, while the second claimant continues to mislead the public.

Warby refused to order the information delisted because it is still relevant for people doing business with NT1 and, while not totally deleted, would be much more hard for them to find.

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