'Westworld' Creators Making Futuristic New Drama For Amazon

Angelo Anderson
April 18, 2018

The eagerly awaited second season of Westworld premieres on HBO this Sunday, but the acclaimed drama's creators Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan - whose hit series is inspired by Michael Crichton's classic novel - aren't resting on their laurels, and are already looking to turn another novel from a sci-fi icon into a compelling series.

Amazon is developing a series based on William Gibson's science fiction novel The Peripheral. Vincenzo Natali is set to direct as well as executive produce, with Steven Hoban and Kilter Films' Athena Wickham serving as additional executive producers on the project. The cryptic logline teases a woman named Flynne Fisher discovering "a hidden connection to a very different reality - and the dark future of her own". The potential series is a co-production between Warner Bros.

Gibson is considered the founder of the sci-fi subgenre known as cyberpunk and coined the term "cyberspace" in his 1982 short story "Burning Chrome". The Peripheral, published in 2014, spawned a sequel, Agency, due this month.

The creators of HBO's "Westworld" are set to explore technology's affect on society in the future again, this time on Amazon. Nabbing Nolan and Joy will provide The Peripheral with some name power that is sure to attract some interest.

Westworld combines the best of both worlds with more than 12 million weekly viewers across all platforms previous year and an impressive 22 Emmy nominations. Smith, who also wrote the screenplay for Keanu Reeves feature Siberia, is with ICM Partners, Circle of Confusion and Behr Abramson. Natali is with CAA and Gotham Group.

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