How does he do it? Secrets of David Copperfield's disappearing trick revealed

Angelo Anderson
April 20, 2018

David Copperfield has told a court he didn't know until he was sued that a British tourist claimed to have been seriously injured while taking part in an illusion during a performance on the Las Vegas Strip in 2013.

David Copperfield is the first living illusionist to be honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

"Is that route an obstacle course?" asked Benedict Morelli, attorney for Gavin Cox, a resident of Kent, England, who claims lasting brain and bodily injuries from his fall have cost him more than $400,000 in medical care.

Mr Cox's attorney claims the confluence of events caused his client to fall and be injured - running in a dark area, following an unknown route, encountering an unknown incline, and dust and debris due to construction in the area.

Copperfield then covers them with curtains, banters with the crowd and eventually makes the group disappear.

The famous magician - and the MGM Grand casino-resort, which hosts the show - is now involved in a negligence lawsuit filed by a former audience member.

If you were left a bit disappointed by that reveal, we've got a better trick.

However, the well-known magician did not acknowledge responsibility for the injuries that Gavin Cox claims to have suffered when he fell during the performance.

"At no time are they told what they're going to do before they start this illusion", Morelli asked Kenner.

Copperfield responded that he couldn't answer a hypothetical question before proceedings ended for the day.

"If somebody participated in the 13 illusion, and they were injured, it's their fault, not yours, yes or no?"

'It depends on what happened.

Morelli contends that the audience volunteers, who were participating in the illusion, was hustled via an alley before Cox fell.

Judge Mark Denton said some parts of the magician's testimony might still be conducted behind closed doors.

Mr Copperfield replied: "It's not a simple yes or no answer". "If I did something wrong, it would be my fault".

In court, Chris Kenner - the show's executive producer - revealed that the secret behind the disappearance and then reappearance of audience participants was secret passageways.

Copperfield said that he does not know whether there was powdery debris near the trash bin in the alley.

He was taken to hospital, where he received treatment for a dislocated shoulder, but Mr. Cox claims he has since suffered from chronic pain, headaches and confusion since his return to Britain.

Kenner declined to say it was risky to lead people along a dark and unknown route over changing floor surfaces of linoleum, cement, carpet, sidewalk and tile.

'If in fact there was construction dust, could that be your fault if someone fell and got hurt?' Morelli asked.

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