LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Gets Avengers: Infinity War DLC

Angelo Anderson
April 20, 2018

Today, Marvel and TT Games revealed Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2: the Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War Character and Level Pack.

Given that the next installment of Avengers, Infinity War, has a late April launch date, we assumed at the time that the OnePlus 6 should be unveiled in the near future.

When the first Guardians of the Galaxy film was released in 2014, fans were desperate to see the ragtag band led by Chris Pratt's Star Lord make their way into The Avengers' world, and in Infinity War, that is what they'll finally get to see.

In the MCU: Doctor Strange introduced the idea of ancient relics of great power chosing a sorcerer to wield them, and the famed Eye of Agamotto apparently chose Strange himself as its master. Since he's been in Wakanda recovering, he's left his Hydra codename "Winter Soldier" behind, while the people of the once hidden nation have nicknamed him "White Wolf" (a name taken from a different minor comic book character). Plus it brought both Spider-Man and Black Panther into the narrative.

Avengers: Infinity War hits Irish cinemas on April 26th. It's not a good place to be when he has to face Thanos. At the end of the film, he was seen having joined T'Challa's council of advisors. The Tesseract was then used to open the portal to deep space to let in Loki's invading forces in Avengers Assemble before being taken to the vaults of Asgard. The Black Panther star immediately chose her own character but stated that the teenager has plenty of respect for Iron Man, who is "the OG of the Marvel [Cinematic] Universe".

My guess is that Captain America, Hulk, and Bucky are on the run from the USA government and are hidden in Wakanda for the time being.

This new DLC set gives players a shot at trying on Thanos for size.

These powerful artifacts have popped up in a bunch of the Marvel movies over the past decade, but you'd be forgiven for losing track of where each one has ended up.

The Russos recently shared a letter addressed to the fans in which they informed them that to ensure their experience watching the film isn't spoiled, the film would not be shown in its entirety until the Los Angeles premiere. He's also been around the longest, too. "Corvus Glaive is the leader and Proxima is the most skilled fighter in the group. beaten by mortals!?" asked a fan. "I think that the X-Force is leaned into a little bit more of the amoral code, like Deadpool", he says.

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