God of War Patch 1.12 Lets You Increase Text Size

Doris Richards
April 23, 2018

Checking out the update myself to see the changes, there is a new slider that lets you play with the size of text but it still needs more tuning.

To install the God of War 1.12 patch you will need to exit out of the game (if you're now playing it) and start it back up again. On some TVs text in God of War remains hard to read unless you're quite close to the display. Move away from the screen in the comments section below. If you've been having your own issues with the in-game text with God of War, then just follow these steps to grow it to your own preferred size.

The god of thunder, Thor, is in fact in the new God of War. This has been one of the game's main complaints since release, so it's nice to see Santa Monica Studios give a fix for it a quick turnaround, even if some still think the text is a little too small. It's unclear whether Sony Santa Monica intends to address text display further.

The text size still might be an issue but it likely won't be too long before a bigger patch update comes out that lets players put it as big or as small as they'd like.

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