INFINITI Is Adding A Touch Of Luxury To Electric Cars

Doris Richards
April 24, 2018

Infiniti announced today at a Beijing Motor Show preview event that it will build a dedicated platform for electrified vehicles.

The four-door concept also showcased the future of Infiniti's design language, which has been simplified to features clear and concise lines coupled to dynamic proportions. "We very much had China in mind when designing the Q Inspiration, which shows a very sporty, performance-oriented electric concept, with a much bigger interior space".

Set to arrive within the next five years, the platform will be used on an electrified vehicle that will be built in China.

While the original Q Inspiration was designed around Infiniti's unique variable compression ratio engine, the company sees its "compact on the outside, spacious on the inside" body packaging as compatible with any number of compact powertrains, including a fully electric one.

Infiniti's stylish new electric vehicle is another example of a established automaker giving Tesla some serious competition.

While the platform being developed will accommodate electrified powertrains, Infiniti didn't say which type will be employed on its upcoming sedan.

The new platform will be created to house two different powertrains that will drive all newly redesigned Infiniti vehicles for 2021: Either a pure electric, battery-driven motor, or Nissan's e-Power range extender hybrid setup. Modern technology and craftsmanship merge inside the cabin, presented in a way that enables, rather than distracts, the driver.

Going electric is key to Infiniti's growth strategy, especially in China, where government mandates require increasingly levels of electrification. For Chinese car-buyers, this translates into vehicles with increased performance and fuel economy with reduced emissions.

An offshoot of Nissan, it's not entirely surprising that INFINITI is getting in on the electric vehicle game, particularly as the Nissan Leaf has been in production since 2010. They made Prototype 9 a reality, a result of their ingenuity. The carmaker now operates in China via a partnership with Dongfeng Motor Company, and sold 48,408 cars in the country past year, a 16% increase from 2016.

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