Highly resourceful woman has the wildest birth story of all time

Angelo Anderson
April 26, 2018

She decided that it wasn't going to stop her from going on the trip to Germany in March that she had already planned, because, as she says herself, worldwide flights are expensive.

When she finally made it to her hotel, Freeman chose to check YouTube to figure out how to deliver her own baby.

"This is a 14hr flight & there was a complimentary meal but everything had meat in it & you know I'm a vegetarian so I was like I can't eat this", She said, but she chose to chance it anyway.

"I don't know if it was the salmon, the flight, or it was just my time but out of no where I start cramping up", she continued.

Without losing a minute, Freeman chose to check in her hotel in the city.

Freeman detailed her son's fantastic birth story on Twitter, and the whole thing reads like an episode from a TV show. Though it's best read via Freeman's Twitter thread, we'll tell you that it involves concerned airport employees, officials from the local police and USA customs, a doctor, a nurse, and a scrum of Turkish press vying for photos of Freeman and her baby. I only had to push about 5-6x before a baby popped out. She was then taken to the hospital, and flew back to the United States with her son two weeks later. She says she cleaned up, breastfed her son, and went to sleep.

Turkish Airlines staff also bought her an outfit for Xavier, because she hadn't had time to buy anything herself.

Ms Freeman was eventually taken to the US Embassy in Istanbul, where she applied for a birth certificate and passport for her son, whom she named Xavier Ata Freeman. Instead, she made a decision to try to sleep for the remainder of the flight.

Freeman's story had audiences on the edge of their seats, tweeting praises at her for having the strength to not only deliver on her own, but to go through the airport and consulate the next day.

In spite of the pain, however, Freeman never considered she was in labor.

"I think slowly but surely, after reading a lot of the responses and comments to my thread, [the shock] finally is [setting in]. Everyone is calling me courageous or a superhero, but truthfully I think anyone in my position could have done it", Freeman wrote to the Dot. "It's true what they say-there isn't anything a mom won't do to protect her baby".

So I'm in a foreign country, where no one speaks english, I don't know this country's emergency number, & I have no clue what to do (sic),' Freeman said while talking about those anxious moments on Twitter.

And so on March 7, Ms Freeman found herself on a flight to Germany to visit her friend Jakob. "Since this is my first child, I've been leaning heavily on the female members of my family, and of course the internet".

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