In Iran, Oliver Stone likens Trump to 'Beelzebub'

Angelo Anderson
April 26, 2018

Hollywood liberal and rabid anti-Trump advocate Oliver Stone slammed the President during a freaky rant in Tehran; comparing the Commander-in-Chief with "Beelzebub" at an Iranian film festival.

Stone, who is half-French, said he was "particularly shocked" to see Macron standing alongside President Donald Trump, calling for a revision of the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran.

Stone reprised his criticism of the 2003 Iraq war and suggested the USA has acted similarly in Libya and Syria, saying: "We are outlaws, we're doing something that is outlawed internationally, we had no permission to invade Iraq from the United Nations, we did it, and we continue to do this". Because if we make a mess out of Syria and we make a mess out of Libya, and we have terrorists everywhere, and we have migrations of massive amounts of people, it's okay.

"When Obama came [to power], we were hopeful that the situation would get better but nothing changed and now Mr Trump is here and the same stories are going on again".

"I remember very well President (Jacques) Chirac with great pride when he said no to George Bush when he wanted to invade Iraq (in 2003)".

Stone hosted a workshop for filmmakers during the Fajr Film Festival and planned to hold a news conference on Wednesday, Iranian media reported.

"You can't make a film critical of USA foreign policy", lamented Stone. "Iran is the main target for the United States, so it will not leave Syria until it gets access to Iran which is a rich country geopolitically". Once we were in, we're forever in.

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