God of War Studio Has Plans For Five More Games

Mindy Sparks
May 1, 2018

Cory Barlog has high expectations for the series. According to the creative, making 5 games would be something that would "kill" him, so he is sure that reality will be different from what he said.

That doesn't necessarily mean director Cory Barlog would be involved - after five years you could imagine he might want a rest from it all - but it seems he's already planned out five more games.

We say this because it was Barlog who commented on it in a recent interview with Kotaku. Most of what we saw is going to be carried over to future God of War games with improvements here and there. The previous God of War games, when we went from God of War 1 to God of War 2, the core engine was there. You would expect a title like this to have many sequels and you would be right as the studio has plans for five more God of War titles. It's an hour-long discussion that really takes a deep dive into the latest God of War and its development; it's definitely worth a listen if you have the time.

"No [I'm planning to work in God of War for 25 years]". However, at this point in the PS4's life cycle, might it be more likely that we will see God of War on Sony's next console, whatever that may be?

"A big portion of the five years was, we had to start from scratch". Do you think future titles should follow the ideas of this director?

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