Twitter sold data to Cambridge Analytica-linked researcher

Mindy Sparks
May 2, 2018

It said in a tweet on Monday that it has never received Twitter data from GSR or Mr. Kogan, and has never done any work with GSR on Twitter data. Furthermore, Twitter's decision was based on how Cambridge Analytica operated using its business model and directly undermines the company's ads business practices. In the recent times, Twitter has tightened its developer platform but further questions are bound to be asked. Dr. Aleksandr Kogan told The Telegraph that he was in compliance with the microblogging site's policies.

Twitter doesn't sell private direct messaging data, and users must opt in to have their tweets include a location. This data is typically used for the likes of market research, customer service and analysing events. They can pay the company to get the broadest data access, though buyers are required to explain how they intend to use the data and who the end users will be. Of course, if we are having to tell you that, I have a bridge to sell you, along with your data.

The conversation surrounding the data we put online continues to heat up.

There is no current information if Twitter will have to testify or have to cooperate with lawmakers.

While parallel bankruptcy proceedings will also begin soon on behalf of Cambridge Analytica in United States Bankruptcy Court. Twitter shed 5.4 percent to hit a new record low of $14.87 after reports over the weekend that the company was planning to change how it display tweets. The company has also said that Twitter is public by nature and anyone can view and search the tweets.

If Facebook's Cambridge Analytica troubles have achieved one thing it is surely to have encouraged more people to read these documents. In addition, just how influential this social network [VIDEO] was during the American election is yet to be determined.

Aleksandr Kogan, created a personality quiz on Facebook to harvest information and later established his own commercial enterprise, Global Science Research (GSR).

The social media giant said it bans companies from "inferring or deriving sensitive information like race or political affiliation, or attempts to match a user's Twitter information with other personal identifiers" and that it had staff in place to police this "rigorously".

In a post on Twitter later, the 28-year-old also named the Janata Dal (United) as a client during the 2010 Bihar elections and revealed some caste surveys carried out in Uttar Pradesh by SCL India? the parent company of CA.

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