Final Fantasy VII Remake Has Composer Nobuo Uematsu On Board

Doris Richards
May 15, 2018

Final Fantasy VII Remake will see another great comeback from a historic component of the development team of the original game, and one of those who've changed the history of the entire video games business.

Beginning today, Sephiroth, the legendary antagonist of FINAL FANTASY® VII, comes to FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS® alongside new FINAL FANTASY VII events, quests and more during the month of May.

There's no release date for Final Fantasy XI Mobile yet, so we'll summarize the small tidbits of information we know about the game. Not episodes like The Council, parts like the three Final Fantasy XIII games. Kitase and Hamaguchi then reveal that they want the Final Fantasy VII Remake to launch before the franchise's 35th anniversary, which will be in 2023.

With a few more years of waiting, but with the project in the hands of the studio and people who made the original Final Fantasy VII, the Final Fantasy VII Remake has what it takes to meet the high standards of fans. However, work is being put into the project so that hopefully the five year wait will be drastically shortened. Nonetheless, we are willing to give the reboot a chance and are eager to see if the mobile game will provide us with that Final Fantasy goodness, or will leave us running to our nearest copy of our favorite Final Fantasy game and sobbing loudly into it. Final Fantasy 7 Remake is definitely one of the most anticipated upcoming games from the company, so it would make sense to at least show off a teaser trailer or something at the show.

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