Locke Cole announced for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT

Mindy Sparks
May 15, 2018

Square Enix has confirmed that the next character to make the jump to Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will be Locke Cole, the slippery hero thief from Final Fantasy 6. He joins Kefka Palazoo and Terra Branford as the representative from Final Fantasy VI. He uses stealth to surprise and steal from enemies, and he can even use Mug on unaware enemies, getting valuable spoils that he can use for special attacks. He will be added to the arcade game with an update this month, while the DLC for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT on PS4 will be released in late June. Dissidia is Final Fantasy through and through, from epic battles to incredible music to deep and obscure mechanics that most players won't fully understand until they are hours into the game.

If you're interested in Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, you can also check out the previously-announced DLC character, Final Fantasy XII villain Vayne Carudas Solidor. Who do you still hope to see?

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