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Angelo Anderson
May 15, 2018

As television networks finalize their slates for the upcoming season, so comes the bad news of inevitable cancellations for fan-favorite series. So Lucifer fans should not go quietly into that good night. Following the shocking cancellation of Lucifer this past Friday, Gaiman expressed his desire to see the Fox network reconsider its decision.

"It has been the most unbelievable experience over the past 3 years playing Lucifer and falling in love with you, the fans", Ellis wrote.

In the immediate aftermath of the news that Fox had chose to cancel Lucifer, there was uproar across social media. "I'm so sorry for that".

The series will conclude with tonight's finale, which showrunner Joe Henderson admitted will likely anger some fans. On his Twitter, you will be able to find many posts with the trending hashtag, #SaveLucifer - something we should really all be tweeting about.

"We created a season finale with a huge cliffhanger so that there was no way Fox could cancel us", he wrote. That one is currently considered the best science fiction show on television right now by many and has drawn comparisons to classics like the reboot of Battlestar: Galactica and Firefly. We just hope that another network - or streaming platform - recognizes that and gives the show a second life elsewhere. On Saturday, fans started up the hashtag #PickupLucifer which took off as well and trended at Number 1 (I don't have the final numbers on that one yet). Henderson supported those fans, encouraging them to make noise.

Several celebrity supporters - including the other Lucifer, over on Supernatural - threw their weight behind the campaign.

But #LuciFans are nothing if not resilient and continued through the weekend to raise hell and petition for another network to consider renewing the show for a fourth season.

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