WH struggles to stem leaks, enforces phone ban

Lester Mason
May 15, 2018

Panicked by its inability to stem the flow of leaks, the White House is having men in suits scour the West Wing for non-government-issued electronics, per a new CNN report.

A former senior White House official who turned leaking into an art form made a slightly more nuanced defense of the practice.

Despite being dubbed as a move for national security reasons, White House staffers believed that it was aimed more to cut down on contacts with reporters on the everyday business inside the White House. He tweeted Monday that embarrassing stories about his administration that are based on leaks are a "massive over exaggeration put out by the Fake News Media in order to make us look as bad as possible".

According to leaks, Sadler quipped that McCain's opposition to Trump's CIA Director nominee didn't matter because "he's dying anyway", and the crisis that followed led Press Secretary Sarah Sanders to call another meeting to berate staffers for the leak. "If you aren't able, in internal meetings, to speak your mind or convey thoughts or say anything that you feel without feeling like your colleagues will betray you", said White House deputy press secretary Raj Shah on Monday, "that creates a very hard work environment".

The dustup over a White House aide's crass remark about Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), as a "leaking problem" as opposed to a character void in the West Wing. "And that's just disgusting", Sanders told staffers during a meeting on Friday, Axios reported, citing five people who were in the room.

Most staffers have obliged to the device ban despite their frustrations with it, sources told CNN.

Officials now either leave their personal devices in their cars, or, when they arrive for work each morning, deposit them in lockers that have been installed at West Wing entrances ...

Sweeps are carried out to track down personal devices that have made it past the lobby and into the building. If they find a phone, the men will have the culprit go lock it up.

If staffers violate the policy, they could face "disciplinary action", though it's unclear what exactly that exactly that would entail. Because so many Republican policy types remain unwilling to associate themselves with this White House, Donald Trump has been forced to fill the chairs around him with the dregs of the MAGAsphere, an assortment of castoffs, pariahs, and slovenly white nationalist bloggers who earned their boss' attention by turning in one or more shouty Fox News talking heads. "One of those efforts is from the chief of staff, John Kelly, who instituted this personal cell phone ban back in January".

The White House grounds, press briefing room, and White House press corps offices are exempt from the ban.

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