Apple might finally include fast USB-C chargers with 2018 iPhones

Doris Richards
May 16, 2018

We're looking at a European plug with a USB-C port. Presumably, the USA version of the power adapter will look similar but with North American power plugs.

To be clear, Apple is not likely to ditch its Lightning standard in favor of USB-C. Obviously, the United States variant would look mostly the same - with different pins ends.

Along side the power adapter, Apple will also include a Lightning to USB-C cable with the next generation iPhones, enabling much faster charging speeds than the existing 5W power adapters that ship with current models. When using USB-C power, current iPhones charge to 50% in about half-an-hour.

Renders produced by ChargerLab show the supposed USB-C adapter possessing an extruded pill shape similar to certain prior iPad and iPhone accessories, but different from the rounded square shapes now used by Apple's wall chargers. That's because instead of just going with USB-C, Apple has supposedly designed a USB-C to Lightning cable that, paired with a new USB-C iPhone charger, will significantly increase the iPhone's wired charging speeds.

Regardless of what the new charger looks like, what's really important is that USB-C to Lightning charging will bring fast-charging support to iPhones out of the gate.

Apple needs to fit the accessory inside the same box as the new iPhones; making it as small as possible maximises economic and environmental efficiency.

These renders come from a source who has close connection to Chinese manufacturing and owns several accessory companies of his own. Chargelab has created 3D renders of that charger based on info from Apples supply chain. Though the site's report appears to corroborate an early May post on China's Weibo, similar claims of new bundled iPhone chargers have previously surfaced without coming true.

We expect Apple to debut the new lineup of flagship 2018 iPhones in the fall.

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