Bank of England deputy sorry for 'menopause' comment

Lloyd Doyle
May 16, 2018

A deputy governor of the Bank of England has apologised after claiming the United Kingdom economy is entering a "menopausal" era.

Ben Broadbent used the term when describing the country's current low productivity crisis.

Some Twitter users, however, were not impressed with the deputy governor's choice of words.

Broadbent explained that the term "climacteric", used by economic historians, essentially means "menopausal, but can apply to both genders" and implies "you've passed your productivity peak". "Economic productivity is something which affects every one of us, of all ages and genders", the former Goldman Sachs economist added.

The Bank of England issued a follow-up statement from Broadbent on Wednesday morning in response.

He noted that the sharp slowdown was similar in its severity to the one witnessed over the last ten years.

Broadbent said this would be a source of speculation for many years because nearly 150 years after the UK's last "menopausal" phase, economists still disagree over what caused it.

Another, @amelie_elyse, tweeted: "Mr Broadbent et al. clearly need to grow up and conjure up some less sexist economic jargon".

Broadbent was quoted in the Telegraph saying the "menopausal" description was a metaphor used by financial experts for economies "past their peak". "Their (the City's) job is to put themselves in our shoes".

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