Boss Key Productions Co-Founder Reveals Unpublished Game Ideas On Twitter

Doris Richards
May 16, 2018

Cliff Bleszinski was the studio head of Boss Key Productions, which he has made a decision to shut down recently after their failure to gain success with projects like LawBreakers and Radical Heights. Now, Bleszinski-who is stepping away from gaming for the time being-has shared some ideas and early design images from other games that the studio considered making.

Breaking from the look of the previous two titles, Bleszinski also shared art and concepts for a game called "Donuts" which would have been "a VR spiritual sequel to Toobin", and which Bleszinski described as "Mario Kart on water with animals in VR". What you basically do in DragonFlies is ride dragons, fight zombies and find yourself in huge airships. Riding a dragon is supposed to be like "what Halo did for vehicles" and learn from the mistakes of Lair and Scalebound. He added, "You could drink (ginger) beer for health, crush cans on your head, or shake up full ones for AOE attacks".

Another one of Boss Key's ideas was for a game codenamed "DragonFlies". The game itself would have seen players work together to operate a large mechanical walker and do battle against other teams controlling their own giant mechs. Bleszinski thinks of it as a PvE "feudalpunk" theme.

We don't know the reasons why this stuff was refused by publishers but let me say that's disappointing to see that's happened, and especially considering the to keep Boss Key Productions in the business Bleszinski had to try and launch a scrappy Fortnite clone. As he reveals, its budget was $40 million so it was not a cheap project indeed. We're a little sad that one never came to pass. "Dog" may have also been used as an acronym for "Destructive Ordinance on the Ground". You pitch something and the response is often "too similar to something we have or out there so no" or "this is too unique so we can't do a proper financial model for it".

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