Cardi B deletes Instagram account after responding to Azealia Banks' nasty insults

Mindy Sparks
May 16, 2018

Banks appeared on a United States radio show Friday, reportedly labelling the rapper as an "untalented rat" and a "caricature of a black woman".

As previously reported, Cardi B deleted her Instagram account after taking note of Azealia's diss against her, which led to a social media war between the two. "I've never dismissed my heritage or my culture".

It's all because of the feud that erupted with Azealia Banks. We've finally got another fiery response from Azealia after Cardi called her out for being a hypocrite.

Banks has also attacked Rihanna for "not being a citizen" when Rihanna attended rallies against Donald Trump's travel ban targeting Muslim countries, which Banks supported.

Her bird-like sound effects, twerk-team tendencies, and unabashed love for all things Offset have helped catapult her from reality TV to Billboard fame and into mainstream fandom.

Now, Banks is continuing the conversation on her own Instagram Story, posting early Tuesday morning (May 15). "You think your advocating for women and your doing the opposite!" she wrote.

Cardi unleashes her recollections of FDR's life and accomplishments in a passionate torrent that assumes no prior knowledge on the part of the listener and follows no time line.

"I'm from the hood", she wrote on Instagram.

It started on Friday - when Azealia told a USA radio station that Cardi was an "illiterate, untalented rat" and a "caricature of a black woman". I've made it where I am for being myself and staying true to that. "Like, if my spelling and grammar was that bad, I'd be canceled. And because I laugh a little harder or talk a little louder doesn't make me a caricature!" she said in the now deleted post.

The "Bodak Yellow" hitmaker added: "I hope you find your peace in your own heart and reason in your own mind. Pray for your own success before you pray for the downfall of others!"

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