Google News lands on iOS with sleek new interface

Mindy Sparks
May 16, 2018

On opening the app, the users will find a "For You" section that has been created to provide the top five news of the moment followed by a tailor-made section that will provide longer news articles.

Second to the last is the "Favorites" section that allows users to set their preferences, sources, and even save articles to read at a later time. Right on cue, the Google News app is now available to download from the iOS App Store.

Apart from the redesign, the Google News app is now categorised into four new sections.

Heading over to the next section, there's a "Headlines" section, where it has sections categorised like latest, India, World, Business, Entertainment and sports, which is very much identical to the older Google News app. Also, the app will learn from your habits, and serve you with better news selection over time. The AI factor comes into play when the news is personalised and customised as per the respective user. You can select your preferred news sources, save stories for Pocket-style reading afterward, and save locations and text-based searches for later too. Along with the redesign, the updated Google News app now gives users news based on Google's AI and machine learning algorithms. Developers pointed out that all the listed media organizations support the Google AMP standard, which means the app will not open a mobile browser but deliver the content within the app instead. The program was fully reimagined, made to take care of the ever-evolving way we have information, and leveraging existing AI and machine-learning technologies to make a personalized and curated encounter. Then, the paid content becomes available across Google platforms, including Google News, Google Search and publishers' own websites. There's also a "Full Coverage" mode, which gives you a wide selection of content around a topic like editorial and opinion pieces, tweets, videos and a timeline of events.

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