Pope calls for end to Holy Land violence (3)

Lester Mason
May 16, 2018

Before his closing appeal, Francis had greeted a group of Polish Veterans of War World II, who'd come together to mark the anniversary of the battle of Monte Cassino, which opened the Allied path to Rome.

"I was in Ausonia in the year '59".

During the cathechesis, the pope explained the significance of the white garment worn when receiving the sacrament. He also explained the meaning of the baptismal candle, lit from the Paschal candle. He explained that is symbolized the fire of faith passing from the godparents and parents to the child. Christian education is a right for children. This week, he said that young people were too caught up in a world of technology and separated from human contact, expressing his concern that many would only "live in the virtual world".

Concluding his reflection, Pope Francis quoted a line from his latest apostolic exhortation, "Gaudete et Exsultate", telling Christians to "let the grace of your Baptism bear fruit on a path of holiness..."

"In the last century, two big ones, and now, we don't ever learn".

Yet Pope Francis didn't stop there.

- Expressing his sorrow for those who have lost their lives, Pope Francis Wednesday called for peace and dialogue in the Middle East, which has faced increased violence during the transfer of the USA embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

"I express my great sorrow for the dead and wounded and I am close through prayer and affection to all those who suffer", he added.

Calling for "dialogue, justice and peace, ' Francis says violence 'has never led to peace".

"War calls war, violence calls violence", he said.

"I invite all the parties involved and the worldwide community to renew their commitment because dialogue, justice and peace prevail", Francis said, before leading the thousands who were gathered in St. Peter's Square in praying a Hail Mary. At the end of this plea, he prayed a Hail Mary with all the pilgrims for this intention.

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