Randy Pitchford Confirms No Borderlands 3 at E3 2018

Doris Richards
May 16, 2018

Some commentators even anxious whether Bethesda's unexpected sequel would be completely overshadowed by the long awaited Borderlands 3, should that game be officially revealed at E3 2018 later next month.

Not long after the "No Borderlands 3" reports started coming out, Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford tweeted out a chain of several messages that encompassed magic, humans as a species, and Borderlands 3.

"It feels as if "Borderlands 3" may be destined to be the next Half-Life 3 in that regard", he added. According to the site, a Gearbox representative announced there'd be "no Borderlands presence at E3 whatsoever". While he appreciates the support and love for Borderlands, the next game is not at E3.

Gearbox will apparently have other titles to show off at E3, most likely titles falling under the Gearbox Publishing banner.

Interestingly enough, Pitchford did just that a few weeks ago by tweeting out a link to the Schoolhouse Rock song "3 is a magic number", though this may have just been a tribute to the recent passing of composer Bob Dorough.

The thread concluded with Pitchford thanking Borderlands fans for their passion and assuring them Gearbox is "working harder than we have ever worked in order to create new and exciting things".

It's a huge blow to those who have been expecting to see Borderlands 3 at E3 amid rumors and other theories that suggested Gearbox might have the next game present at the conference in June.

The tweets may have been prompted by a Shacknews report that stated Borderlands 3 wouldn't be appearing at this year's E3.

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