Samsung plans to supply ZTE and other OEMs with Exynos chipsets

Mindy Sparks
May 16, 2018

The news follows on from the implementation of a U.S. trade embargo against ZTE over sanctions busting, which bars U.S. companies from trading with ZTE - instantly cutting out up to a quarter of the company's supply chain.

Currently, the only other manufacturer who uses Exynos processors in its smartphones is Meizu.

"We are talking to all OEMs", Inyup Kang, head of Samsung's logic chip developer called System LSI, told Reuters in an interview, referring to original equipment manufacturers.

Currently Samsung, which is the world's smartphone manufacturer, is also the world largest semiconductor based microprocessor chipset manufacturer in the world. However, nearly all of the semiconductor processors made by them are used for their own devices. Meizu has launched its flagship smartphones with Exynos processor in the past.

System LSI still uses Samsung's foundry for all of its manufacturing needs, but is in talks with other contract manufacturers to diversify production in areas Samsung's foundry isn't prepared for yet, such as high-voltage automotive products, Kang said.

ZTE seems to be Samsung's first likely client, keeping in mind ZTE's recent trouble. This is a major blow for ZTE as its devices are mainly run on Snapdragon SoCs that are manufactured by Qualcomm, which is an American Company. The ban is in effect for a period of seven years.

If the talks are successful, the company ZTE will get a replacement to Qualcomm chips for its smartphones, reports the online edition of the with reference for a New time. The clarification claims that there is no certainty that a deal can be reached with ZTE, and that the company treats all vendors equally.

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