And they're queuing already! Royal wedding spectators camp out in Windsor

Lester Mason
May 17, 2018

Homeless people were told that their belongings, including books, magazines and bedding, will be kept in storage until Monday, as part of added security measures.

Estimates are that as many as 50,000 Americans will travel to Windsor for the ceremony, which is expected to draw huge crowds.

Heavily armed police are combing every inch of the town of Windsor with bomb-sniffing dogs. He said: "Thames Valley Police is working closely with The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead council, The Windsor Homeless Project, and local support services in order to offer support to homeless people in Windsor".

In the video, one of the men said that: "There was big speak on the TV about the homeless being helped but when they said helped they meant removed".

"The wedding is brilliant", said Steve Benton, of Windsor.

With mere days to go until Harry and Meghan's wedding, the Queen has agreed to the banning of any drones or low-flying aircrafts over Windsor Castle on Saturday, whether during the cermony or into the evening festivities. Anyone with large items that are deemed to be a security risk are likely to have those items removed'.

Sussex Homeless Support says that Royal Borough has given the shelter a designated parking space, and that police will be signposting people towards it. He said the town suffered from "an epidemic of rough sleeping and vagrancy" and and wrote in a letter that "bags and detritus" from local homeless people created a "hostile atmosphere" for residents and tourists and presented "a lovely town in a sadly unfavorable light".

Diane McInerney
IGDiane Mc Inerney previewing the security detail at the wedding

"It is becoming increasingly concerning to see the quantities of bags and detritus that those begging are accumulating and leaving on our pavements, at times unattended".

His comments sparked a national row and were criticised by Prime Minister Theresa May, MP for neighbouring Maidenhead, and homeless charities.

A bus converted into a homeless shelter will be driving from Brighton to Windsor this weekend to help rough sleepers wanting to avoid the royal wedding.

Slough Homeless Our Concern has said launched an "alternative royal wedding list" with the help of Patchwork, a platform that allows people to share their wedding wish lists.

The Windsor homeless population controversy comes amid a rapid rise in homelessness in the U.K. The number of people living on the streets has increased by 134% since the Conservative Party came to power in 2010, according to the National Audit Office.

Murphy James, a spokesman for the charity, said: "Prince Harry and Meghan are both passionately committed to supporting those in need, including the UK's homeless".

Nothing will spoil her grandson's special day! "Together we can make a difference to their lives".

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