Hamas official on Gaza protests: 'Peaceful resistance' with 'popular support'

Lester Mason
May 17, 2018

For those seeking the truth of the situation along the Gaza border, the leaders of Hamas, which rules the coastal enclave, are only too happy to oblige.

Sources said that Egyptian authorities received several messages from Israel urging the former to intervene promptly to deter Hamas and other Palestinian factions from intensifying protests along the Gaza-Israel border. Gaza's dominant Islamist Hamas movement denied that it was under pressure from neighboring Egypt to scale back the six-week-old demonstrations, Reuters reports.

Israel has - with support from the US administration - accused Hamas of using civilians as human shields for attacks across the fence and to distract from Gaza's internal problems. "Maybe later, when the calm at the border lasts, there will be some gestures to Hamas and Gaza's population, but the message that was given was tough and placed the responsibility for restoring order on Hamas [alone]". After Sunday's meeting with Egyptian Intelligence Chief Abbas Kamel, one of the Gazan participants reported that they had been promised that "Egypt will continue to stand alongside the Palestinian people...[and] try to lighten the burden of the siege".

It was the deadliest day in the besieged territory since 2014 war.

Sinwar mentioned Hamas' political leader Ismail Haniyeh's recent visit to Cairo, during which Egypt reiterated its commitment to the Palestinian struggle and right of return, according to Sinwar.

The demonstrations were held to protest against the United States embassy move from Tel Aviv to the contested city of Jerusalem.

These too have been brutally suppressed by Israeli forces, with 117 people Palestinians killed over the past six weeks.

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