Hilary Duff publicly shamed her neighbour for smoking

Angelo Anderson
May 17, 2018

Now Hilary Duff's New York City neighbor Dieter Addison is lawyering up, according to Page Six on Wednesday.

Hilary Duff has taken to social media to publicly blast her misbehaving neighbour. "Really open to any advice you have", she wrote on her Instagram Stories. In a true power move, Duff used her platform of nine million followers and counting to call out her "a**hole" neighbor who has been "reeking" havoc on her apartment in NY, where Duff is filming the fifth season of Younger.

Addison - who says he works three jobs - insisted Duff's social media onslaught is unfair: "I am getting a lot of hate mail and threats from her fans, it is so bad I'm going to have to get a bodyguard".

The former Disney star added: 'We know your parents pay your rent. "Must be nice. Have some respect for your neighbors who work hard to live in that building", Duff continued, shaking her head. "Don't be a dick dude-and put your trash down the shoot [sic]".

Because of Dieter's reported antics, the singer was unable to get a good night of sleep. "Worked 15 hours yesterday and back at work again at 5:30 a.m".

Hilary Duff
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He also said her claims he doesn't work are false, and he does in fact work at his family's real estate office, and also works as an event coordinator and manager for musical artists. "Your smoking ain't delicious". Apparently on other occasions, Duff has heard the neighbor breaking furniture while yelling loudly at another person.

She concluded her Instagram tirade by sharing a photo of the neighbor with the caption, "Get a vape", and drawing cat whiskers on the photo, before meowing in a makeup chair.

See all the pics in the batch (above)! Then Duff made a decision to try and use what information she had about this guy to track him down on social media.

She also appears to dox her neighbor, using his name in the Story. "Having Luca has helped me with that, especially since I don't have him all the time". Holterbosch also imported Lowenbrau beer to NY state, at which time he developed a large beer distribution network to include other brands. "I think it was meant to be a great thing and now has these negative side effects, so I think eliminating it from your life a little more and trying to have a healthy relationship with it, like anything else - food or drinking or exercise, whatever".

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