Instagram to promote digital health by measuring time spent on the app

Mindy Sparks
May 17, 2018

Code buried in Instagram's Android app revealed that a "Usage Insights" feature was built into the code that will allow people to see their "time spent" on the app.

Systrom did not specify if the feature will show the total time someone spends on the app, or whether these figures will be broken down further by day, week, or month.

When the Android P Beta was announced at the Google I/O developer conference last week, the search giant also unveiled a new feature of the next version of Android called "Digital Wellbeing" meant to let users monitor and limit phone usage.

Instagram is building a new tool that'll inform users how long they are spending aimlessly scrolling through feeds. But the fact that it's there, and considering the recent focus on tech-related time management, there's a good chance that Instagram will activate the tool in an update in the near future. It hasn't been enabled as yet so it's unclear when this feature will be rolled out for all users.

The "Usage insights" feature is expected to show the time a user spends on Instagram each day as well as their overall usage across an extended period. But it doesn't block access to the video-streaming site, so you still have to use all your willpower to close the app (before immediately opening another one, quite likely).

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