Nissan takes first solo steps into solar power

Doris Richards
May 17, 2018

Nissan today announced the launch of Nissan Energy Solar - one of the few comprehensive ranges of solar options available in the UK.

The Japanese brand's United Kingdom arm is offering a new home energy product, Nissan Energy Solar, that combines roof-top solar panels with battery storage.

Nissan says that this system can deliver a reduction of up to 66 percent in household electricity bills with the ability to generate, store, and manage energy for overnight use even on rainy and overcast days when the sun isn't shining in all its glory.

Customers will be given the choice to select energy storage systems that use new batteries or recycled batteries from Nissan's Leaf electric cars.

The system also includes a home energy management function that allows users to control how and when they use their energy. The system significantly reduces homeowners' carbon footprint and energy costs, by automating energy flows to optimise solar energy production and battery storage capacity.

Nissan in the United Kingdom envisage that its Nissan Energy Solar system would be ideal for charging the Leaf electric auto thanks to the battery that can store energy for night time use, and both products fit into the brand's future strategy.

"It enables United Kingdom homeowners to make significant savings on their household electricity bills, and become champions of sustainability and green technology".

The auto maker's first independent bid to grab a stake in the burgeoning home energy market puts the company in competition with traditional utilities and tech giants including Google and Amazon.

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