'SNL' Star Pete Davidson Claims Trump Blatantly Faked A Phone Call Backstage

Angelo Anderson
May 17, 2018

"He was, like, weird all week", Davidson said of working with Trump during an episode of Open Late.

If the speed of the phone call sounds unreal, Davidson agrees.

"He goes, "Hello, ' he goes, 'Oh, fantastic, okay, great", and he hung up", Davidson said.

Davidson also points out that, beyond the egregious detail of the phone not ringing, Trump spoke right after saying hello, which means that there was no one speaking to him on the other end (or he was talking over them, which we're sure happens a lot).

"I swear on my life", Davidson replied. He added that he and the rest of the folks at the table read were like, "Yo that phone didn't ring", before adding that whoever called Trump didn't even have a chance to say anything if the call was real.

For Davidson, the clear indicator that Trump wasn't being forthcoming about the call stems from how short he felt the supposed conversation was. 'Cause you answered and went, 'Yup, oh my God.' He didn't even go, 'Hello?

Members of the cast have shared their thoughts, and the show has gone on to mock the president every week since he debated Hillary Clinton. Oh that's great. Great (abruptly hangs up phone).

"[Trump] stopped the table read in the middle the sketch to take a three-minute phone call to hear about his book becoming number one and announced it to everybody at the time", former cast member Taran Killam told venerable talk show host Larry King in 2017.

The monotonous episode featured awkward jokes boasting Trump and in a way addressing the rising tension that now exist between his administration and SNL.

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