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Doris Richards
May 17, 2018

The company says they are inspired by "three men of science", consisting of Nikola Tesla, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, and Musk. The device starts at more than $4,000, and comes in its own wooden carrying case. Engineers Caviar has spent more than a hundred different tests to make sure that the system is safe, and, most importantly, effective. The first iPhone X Tesla will be given to Elon Musk by the company.

Rather than a standalone case, Caviar seemingly adhered the Tesla case directly to the phone.

Interestingly, the case is not a separate product but is sold along with Apple iPhone X, at a whopping Rs 3,10,800 (284000 Roubles) for the 64GB variant, almost four times the actual cost of an iPhone X. The development in the sphere of creating solar batteries, smart homes, equipped with such batteries and vehicles working on the electricity, is actively carried out by Elon Musk today - the main mastermind of the Tesla Company; in honor of his great innovative developments, the new Caviar phone was named.

High end Russian accessory maker, Caviar, has unveiled its latest custom iPhone X.

According to Business Insider, the first phone will be sent to Elon Musk.

Caviar originally intended for there to only be 99 devices available.

Without accurate numbers from manufacturer Caviar, it's tough to know exactly how quickly this could happen, but it's probably not a stretch to say you're unlikely to hit that point anytime soon. Each of the 999 products will have their own individual number. In terms of other specs, it is basically still just an iPhone X.

You will likely have to pay for taxes and customs duties, though.

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